John Bolasky – ARDS Survivor

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John Bolasky – ARDS Survivor


On September 15, 2000, forty-four year old John Bolasky went to the hospital for knee surgery. Shortly after the surgery, John had complications and was diagnosed with ARDS. He spent the next 23 days fighting for his life. John’s wife Robin, brother, sister-in-law, and many friends were with him during his hospitalization.

After John was released from the hospital, he underwent many studies to determine what had happened to him. They performed lung scans and sleep apnea studies and told John that he had anxiety and panic attacks. John knew something was wrong so he keep seeking out more expert advice.

Finally, a physician at the University of Maryland told John that he had other patients with similar problems: reflux. Laryngospasm is what happens to John when the goes to his voice box. He is now on three different types of medications to see if this will correct the problem. John lives in Laurel, Maryland with his wife Robin. Prior to the original surgery, John worked as a trackman for Amtrak, where he hopes to return soon, after surgery.