Hold Your Breath 2021-04-11T08:22:55-05:00
  • hold your breath for ARDS


Here’s your chance to help ARDS Foundation get the word out about this deadly condition. Take a selfie or video and caption it with the number of seconds you held your breath, and you’ll be helping to raise much-needed awareness.

Email your photo or video to erubin@ardsglobal.org. Be sure to add your name and the number of seconds you held your breath for ARDS. We’ll post it on Facebook and here on our site for everyone to see.

PLEASE DONATE. And please consider making a tax deductible donation to ARDS Foundation by pledging any amount for every second. Better yet, get a sponsor to do the same. The money you raise will help us continue our important work, and allow us to create new initiatives like our “Ask the Doctors” program, to be housed on our website, where ARDS specialists will answer questions submitted by the public.