4766708083_a89e44ca54_feet-walking20-09-2015: Come support the ARDS Foundation at the annual Hike For Lung Health sponsored by the Respiratory Health Association

You can participate by either coming to the walk yourself to show your support or you can sponsor the ARDS Foundation team or one of its members.

Thank you for supporting the ARDS Foundation!


  • Start Date: 09-20-2015
  • End Date: 09-20-2015
  • Start Time: 10:00
  • End Time: 12:00
  • Location:Lincoln Park, Illinois


  • Organized by:The ARDS Foundation
  • Mobile:(312) 628-0207
  • Email:egillott@lunghealth.org
  • Website:http://hikeforlunghealth.org
  • Address:1440 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, IL 60606, USA