Joe Falcone 2nd Annual Memoria Sadlot Game

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Family and friends gathered on October 12, 2019 at Downing Park in Yorktown Heights, NY to honor our legend Joe Falcone, at the second annual Legends Never Die softball game to raise over $1,300 for ARDS Foundation. On this beautiful, sunny day, attendees were able to play two full 9 inning games with Joe’s brother, Doug, and his Cousin Mike, leading each team.

Prior to the game, family and friends reminisced about Joe, and spoke about the importance and awareness of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, the condition that shockingly too Joe’s life. Joe’s father, Joe Falcone, Sr., threw out the first pitch along side his brother. This fabulous day ended with everyone gathering at our old watering hole, Southside. We are looking forward to many more years coming together and remembering Joe, and of course raising funds make a difference in the fight against ARDS.

People can continue to donate in honor of Joe’s memory at #KeepCalmandJoeFalcone #FightingForEveryBreath #VoicesOfARDS

Joe Falcone

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