Events for March for Miracles and Ards Mini Conference

At 4:00 PM, the ARDS Foundation’s Mini-Conference held at the Deerfield Hyatt, began with the ARDS Slideshow. The first speaker was Dr. Scott Budinger, from Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Budinger addressed the most common cause of death in patients with ARDS and discussed the issue of fibrosis in patients with ARDS. He spoke of current ARDS research, including projects with which he was involved.

Next to speak was Dr. Michael Moore, also from Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Moore addressed both the challenges of treating a patient with ARDS as well as the issues an ARDS survivor might face after surviving the syndrome. Dr. Moore illustrated the phases of ARDS, the post ARDS challenges, including issues of lung function, infections, and the question on everyone’s minds: ‘Will I get ARDS again?’ His talk illustrated the facts, issues, and even the uncertainties when dealing with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

After our dinner break, Steven Sadowsky, Professor at Northwestern University and a physical therapist, spoke about the critical importance of physical therapy for patients with ARDS. He stressed that ideally, the sooner the patient is evaluated by a physical or occupational therapist, the better it is for that patient, even if the patient might be too critical to be worked on. He illustrated, as did Dr. Moore, that many post ARDS complaints that lead to a reduced quality of life, revolve around the patients diminished physical capacity. He offered concrete suggestions to those affected by ARDS to improve their physical capacity and therefore, benefit their future quality of life.

Finally, Pastor Jack Yonts, who is an ARDS survivor, spoke of the power of prayer with regard to his own experiences as well as what he had witnessed with others who are critically ill. As an ARDS survivor who was critically ill for a lengthy period of time, his perceptive is incredibly invaluable to anyone in the ARDS Community. For questions of prayer and grief, he stressed that those of any faith can benefit. Pastor Yonts addressed those times when people find that they cannot pray for themselves, or even when those closest to the patient have difficulty in seeking out prayer, there are others who can take that role. And while Pastor Yonts continues to struggle with certain post ARDS issues, he continues to inspire others.

Each speaker took questions from those in attendance and clearly the importance of being able to learn, to be able to inquire, from these experts was invaluable.

The ARDS Foundation is grateful to all four speakers for their willingness to share their knowledge, and their time, for the benefit of the ARDS Community.

Dr Scott Budinger

Dr. Scott Budinger discusses current ARDS Research

Dr Michael Moore

Dr. Michael Moore discusses post ARDS issues

Steven Sadowsky

Steven Sadowsky, PT, RRT, discussed the importance for physical therapy intervention early with ARDS patients

Paula assisting Pastor

Paula assisting Pastor Jack Yonts

Pastor Jack Yonts

Pastor Jack Yonts asks questions to Dr. Michael Moore

Paula and Eileen

Paula and Eileen at the first ARDS Mini Conference

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