5th International ARDS Conference, Berlin, Germany

//5th International ARDS Conference, Berlin, Germany

5th International ARDS Conference, Berlin, Germany

ARDS Foundation is sponsoring the 5th International ARDS conference at Kaiserin Friedrich Haus in Berlin, Germany. On June 25-27, 2019, this conference will bring together leading faculty experts in the field of ARDS from the US, Europe, and the UK to discuss basic mechanisms of acute lung injury, progress in clinical research for pathogenesis and prognosis, and current and future clinical trials for ARDS, focusing on challenges and opportunities. There will be approximately 25 faculty who will give succinct talks with ample time for questions and discussion. Eileen Rubin, JD, CEO and President of ARDS Foundation will offer a presentation based upon her own experience as an ARDS Survivor, and her work as President of ARDS Foundation.

Two years ago, ARDS Foundation sponsored the 4th International ARDS Conference in Paris, France. Eileen Rubin, JD, was also faculty and a speaker at that event.

For additional information, https://ardsconference.com

lung xray - acute respiratory distress syndrome

ARDS Lung x-ray

The conference will be focused on several themes:
  • Pathogenesis of ARDS
  • Clinical studies and experimental studies
  • Clinical trials for ARDS: including cell-based therapies and other novel therapeutics

Faculty will include ARDS experts from leading universities in USA, UK, and Europe.

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