Physician’s List for ARDS Patients and their Families

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Physician’s List for ARDS Patients and their Families

Dear ARDS Community:

Since going online with the ARDS Foundation website, we have received many emails and phone calls from families who ask for names of physicians throughout the country or in Canada, either for consultation purposes, for transfers, or for post ARDS care.

After discussing this recurrent issue with physicians from the ARDS Network, we felt that there must be a better way to guide families and patients, to physicians who have training and expertise in ARDS.

As such, in working with those in the medical community, we have begun to create a list of “Who’s-Who in ARDS” throughout the USA, Canada, and the world, who have a sufficient knowledge of ARDS.

Although the physicians listed here have been reviewed by advisory board, the ARDS Foundation urges everyone to fully investigate any physician that they choose to contact regarding any medical care or advice. Further, the ARDS Foundation does not endorse any of the physicians listed.

Finally, please keep in mind that just because a physician’s name appears here, that does not mean that he or she is necessarily in a position to take on additional patients at any particular time. Please respect that these physicians may also be researchers.

Thank you,

Eileen Rubin










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