Patient and Family Advisory Board

Eileen Rubin, Chicago, IL, mother of two daughters, works as a trial attorney when not contributing to ARDS Foundation. Eileen is also a member of the American Thoracic Society’s Public Advisory Roundtable, representing ARDS Foundation. In her spare time, Eileen mot enjoys spending time with her girls. Eileen also enjoys writing, photography and creating projects on the computer.
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Paula J. Blonski, wife and mother of one beautiful daughter who was born in March of 2002. When not volunteering for the foundation, Paula is a Risk Manager for a large steel company in the suburbs of Chicago where she has worked for 13 years.
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Gene Bass, Eureka, California, married to Rachel, they have two boys, Ryan 4 and Logan 11 months. Outside volunteering for the ARDS Foundation, he and his wife own a security and limousine company. Gene is also the vice president for the Sequoia Humane Society in his home city. Since his mom’s bout with ARDS in early 2000, he has changed much of his outlook on life and spends many hours helping those in need.
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Toni Rockefeller, resides in Forest Hills, NY, with her husband and two cats; she has a beautiful Nephew born March 13th, 2003.
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Ian F. Robb (Pastor Ian) Husband and father of four, now in their late 20’s and early 30’s., and grandfather to one. Business manager for twenty years, turned successful entrenepreur. Almost becoming a pro golfer in my youth; a skill that opened many doors for me over the years, led me to enjoy playing many sports. Finally, in the last ten years, managed to find my role as Pastor and Spiritual Guide in this crazy world, helping others to find their inner selves and come to know the Creator.

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Dee Storey, Professor of Education at Saginaw Valley State in Saginaw, Michigan, took up quilting post ARDS and now is the quilt coordinator of the annual ARDS Foundation quilt; Dee has two wonderful neices and a sometimes dog in her care.
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Louise Montgomery, New Martinsville, WV, and when not volunteering for the ARDS Foundation, Louise stays very active in her church and tries to help with the local Animal shelter. Louise enjoys her many nieces and nephews and lives with my German Shepherd. She loves to read and enjoys many different crafts.
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Volunteers of the ARDS Foundation also include Joan Monaghen, Steve Masur, Judy Masur, Ronald Smith, Dee Smith, Syndelle Patinkin, Roberta Rubin, Arnold Rubin, Caryn Mendel, Fran Bulmash, and Paul Bulmash whose volunteer service is greatly appreciated.

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