Just Get Up and Walk

//Just Get Up and Walk

Just Get Up and Walk

Eileen Zacharias
July, 2004

It is summer! A perfect time for everyone, those who have endured the ravages of ARDS, or anyone for that matter, to begin a long put off, or perhaps put aside, fitness program.

I have heard from many in the ARDS Community who have lamented the problem of deconditioning post ARDS and what to do once their physical therapy has concluded. I realize that for many, the cost for a fitness center may be prohibitive. But at this time of year, for most, you can find a time of the day to go outside and walk… Walking is incredible exercise and it is a superb way to begin your fitness program.

If you can find another person to walk with, great! How much better to pass the time while talking with a friend or family member or even your pet while getting in some good, old fashioned exercise. But if not, maybe music is your cup of tea. Or listening to nature. Or clearing your head to think about the day ahead or the day that has past.

And as you begin to exercise day after day, you might find yourself beginning to feel better in other ways.

So, first, check with your doctor first. Then, bring water, maybe some music, a friend, your dog, and step our your front door and begin!

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