Are You a Who’s Who in ARDS?

Dear Physicians:

Since January, 2003, the ARDS Foundation website has received upwards of 100,000 web “hits.” As such, we receive many emails from families who ask  for names of physicians throughout the country or in Canada, either for consultation purposes, for transfers, or for post ARDS care.

After talking to physicians from the ARDS Network about this recurrent issue, we felt that there must be a better way to guide families and patients to physicians who have training and expertise in ARDS.

We feel that it would be an excellent service to those in the ARDS community to have a list of physician names, and thus, in turn, to be able to provide names of those doctors from a particular location, throughout the USA, Canada, and the world, who have a sufficient knowledge of ARDS.

If you are such a physician and you would like to add your name to this list, please submit your C.V. via our Contact Form or fax to our attention and it will be reviewed by our advisory board in a timely manner and after review, we will let you know whether you have been added to our list.

Thank you,

Eileen Rubin  & Paula Blonski                                                                                   [download id=”351″]
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