Since my ARDS crisis a few years ago, I have experienced an abundance of understanding and learning. I took up quilting while on supplemental oxygen. The development of my quilting skills led me to discuss what I learned with Eileen from the ARDS Foundation.

I mentioned how other organizations had quilts and perhaps the ARDS community should have a quilt of our own. Ideas were discussed, calls went out for quilt blocks, the blocks were sewn together, and finally the first ARDS Memory Quilt was auctioned off at the ‘March for Miracles’ walk at the Chicago Botanic Gardens on August 24, 2002. The quilt will soon be displayed at the offices American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago in November, 2002.

We will post photos online when the quilt is displayed. Many different people are represented on the first ARDS Memory quilt. For example: there is a Canadian Goose for Ian, a Canadian ARDS survivor. There is a flamingo for Gail, a good friend of an ARDS survivor. A small quilt block was created in memory of Carrie, who died after surviving ARDS. An angel block was created in memory of MaryBeth who died of ARDS. Tropical fish were designed and crafted for Donna, the stepmother of an ARDS survivor. Sue, the caregiving spouse of an ARDS survivor, who loves penguins, has a penguin block for the quilt. The center block of the quilt was a pictorial display of Andrea, her husband, and their baby. Andrea was in ARDS crisis when her baby was born.

There were many names on the ARDS Memory Quilt. Everyone who made a block signed and dated it. The individuals who met at the March for Miracles put their names on the quilt, whether they were volunteers, walkers, ARDS survivors, family members, or friends. Because the first ARDS Memory Quilt generated so much interest, there will be another for next year and we hope that this will become a tradition for years to come.

Three different blocks have already been submitted. Now is the time for those who are interested to be thinking about sending in a block to be added to the ARDS Memory Quilt II.

ARDS Memory Quilt II Guidelines for the blocks are:

  • quilters quality fabric
  • 100% prewashed cotton
  • white or white-on-white background
  • different colors for the blocks are acceptable
  • different types of construction of the blocks are acceptable
  • 6/12” x 61/2” for the final size…..this includes a ¼” margin on all sides

Please keep all embroidery, designs, drawings, and embellishments, must be within a 6” square.

You may send in a block you have created or you may have someone create a block for you.

If you want a block created for you, there is a recommended minimum donation of $15.00 for this service. There will be a limited number of special request blocks available.

If you want a friendship square dedicated to someone, there is a recommended donation of $5.00 for this service.

CAN’T SEW? But you still want to be part of the ARDS Foundation Quilt? No Problem! For a donation of $10, we will mail you a square and you can use fabric markers to draw something to illustrate how you are part of the ARDS Community. Just email us at Contact The ARDS Foundation or write us at ARDS Foundation, 3100 Dundee, Suite 502, Northbrook, Illinois, 60062.

Please remember, that many people will be represented on the ARDS Memory Quilt II: family members, survivors, care givers, those who died from ARDS, those who died after surviving ARDS, friends, loved ones and volunteers of the ARDS Foundation. Please help us create more memories for the ARDS community by submitting blocks for the ARDS Memory Quilt II.

All blocks must be submitted by April 1, 2003. Please mail the blocks to:

Eileen Rubin, President
ARDS Foundation
3100 Dundee, Suite 502
Northbrook, IL 60062
Tel: 312-749-7047 Fax: 847-272-5499

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