ARDS Survivor Registry

The ARDS Foundation is working with physicians to establish an ARDS survivor registry. If you have not yet signed up for our registry, please help us to establish a reliable means of determining the number of individuals, men, women, and children, who have survived ARDS.

We are asking survivors of ARDS to provide information to be included in the registry. You can do as little as list your information for purposes of the registry or as much as getting more involved in our organization to whatever extent you are comfortable.

The information provided in the registry is confidential. The ARDS Foundation does not share or sell email addresses or mailing addresses. Furthermore, by filling out this form, you will not obligate yourself to anything. When an interested physician or researcher contacts the foundation, you will then be contacted by the foundation to see if you are interested in participating in a research project involving ARDS survivors. Only then would a third party contact you. But by participating, you are beginning to make a difference!

If you are uncomfortable filling out the form online, please call us at: 312-749-7047.

Thank you.

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